Dubrovnik – excursions and nearby destinations


In whichever settlement you are staying during your vacation, cultural and historical landmarks, natural beauties and tourist attractions are available for half-day or full-day excursions. Offer of organized tours can be found in one of the local agencies in the settlement of your choice. Also because of its proximity and good transport connections you can visit Dubrovnik and its riviera independently. The riviera is certainly the most famous for the city of Dubrovnik, which has plenty of cultural monuments, rich and colourful history, churches, museums and galleries. After touring the city, we suggest that you board the cable car that will take you to Mount Srd, from where you will have an unforgettable view of the city and surrounding islands and can enjoy in a restaurant on top...


Dubrovnik surroundings, respectively its hinterland, is a rural area of ​​small hamlets where you can sample local specialties such as cheese and peka (special type of meat preparation). We recommend you visit Konavli and dine in the restaurant Konavoski Dvori.

One of the Croatian national parks, which is in all the guidebooks, is the island of Mljet. To stay on this riviera, and not to set aside time for visiting this unique place would be a sin. With NP Mljet, be sure to visit the Nature park Lastovo, also an island. On the island of Lokrum there is also a reserve so this island is called the Forest Island as well. While mentioning the islands, we suggest you also hop to the island of Korcula and its main town.

Southeast of the city, with the already mentioned Konavle, visit Durovic cave in Cilipi (near the airport), and see the Folklore events in Cilipi:


Approaching the town of Cavtat, take to the hills and visit the lookout „Sivi soko” (peregrine falcon) from which you can enjoy the beautiful view:


Continuing in the direction of Molunat, stop at the settlement Popovici and let the steps that are cut into the rock take you to one of the most beautiful Croatian beaches - beach Pasjaca:


If you go northwest from Dubrovnik, you will find a monument of landscape architecture, "Arboretum" located in Trsteno. If you continue driving further why not visit the bay famous for farming shellfish – Malostonski zaljev – where a gastronomic delight is guaranteed. After Ston Bay, in Ploce direction, you will reach Bacinska Jezera (freshwater lake), and the valley of the river Neretva. Delta of this river is also known as the "Croatian Garden", since it’s an ideal location with favourable climatologic conditions that are the basis of successful cultivation of fruits and vegetables.

While staying in this area, visit the ornithological and wetland reserves "Pod gredom", "Orepak" and "Prud", where you will be able to ride in a and see a large number of protected wetland plants and birds. We encourage you to experience the trip "Photo Safari".