Beaches in Dubrovnik and on Riviera


Dubrovnik Riviera is rich in beaches and the reason why guests love them should be found in the warm and crystal clear waters. Since this part of the Croatia is oriented almost exclusively on tourism, and there is no industry that would be a potential pollutant of nature, it is clear why guests enjoy the beaches of the Riviera. Guests staying in Dubrovnik can swim at beaches that are located within the hotel grounds, and that are open to everyone. All beaches have plentiful of coffee bars, snack bars, restaurants, rental chairs, umbrellas, and various options of sporting facilities. Certainly the most famous and most visited Dubrovnik beaches are Copacabana and Banje. Beaches are of diverse types, so each guest can find the one that suits them best, from sand through gravel to concrete and rock. We will mention some of the beaches in Dubrovnik:

Copacabana Beach - an ideal beach for families. It is located on the peninsula of Lapad, in the tourist village of Babin Kuk. The beach offers a breathtaking view of the Elafiti islands. The beach is pebbly and provides lots of facilities for entertainment and perfectly spent day. Here you can rent chairs and parasols, and jet-skiing, banana boating and kayaking will surely be one of the most memorable moments. On the beach you will find a cafe and a restaurant, so it is popular in the evenings. This is one of the few beaches that is adapted and equipped for people with physical disabilities.

Banja beach – a gravely beach located close to the city walls with a spectacular view of the city walls and the island Lokrum. On the beach you can rent deck chairs and parasols, bikes, and for those that are brave can try out jet-skiing and paragliding using speedboats. At the end of the day in sunset the beach is transformed into a place for an exciting night out.

Buza Beach - unlike the northern entrance to the city called Buza, the namesake beach is located on the south side of the walls. A small door known as the door of St. Stephen will take you to this beach-bathing spot on rocks beneath the walls. In the season there is an attractive café that in the night transforms into a perfect place for a romantic evening out.

Beach Sv. Jakov - is isolated in a small bay under the church of St. Jacob. This is a sandy-gravel beach with a beautiful view of the city walls and the island Lokrum. On the beach you can rent deck chairs and parasols, jet-ski and kayak. The beach is located near the hotel "Argentina".

FKK "Cava" - is located near the famous Copacabana beach. This sandy-pebble beach is surrounded by rocks and has a view of the Elafiti islands.

Dubrovnik Riviera offers FKK beaches from which we will enumerate some of them:

FKK "Lokrum" – the beach is 5-10 minute of walking away from the dock Lokrum on the island. It is well marked and if you follow the signs, after a short climb, you will reach the beach and can further enjoy your day.

FKK "Beterina" - this nudist beach is located in Mlina. Signposts from "Astarea" will navigate you to follow a 10-15 minute walk until you reach the beach where you can rent deck chairs and parasols, or even a boat. The beach has a cafe and a bar.

FKK "Supetar" - is located on a small island across from Cavtat. The beach is rocky and you can reach it by boat that regularly drive and transport tourists from Cavtat.

FKK "Croatia" - beach located in front of the hotel "Croatia" in Cavtat. The beach is separated from the rest of the beach, and offers a variety of amenities and has a nice entrance to the sea.

FKK "Plat" - this nudist beach is gravely and has several large rocks but low enough that the benefits and weaker swimmers and non-swimmers. There is no natural shade on the beach, and is therefore recommended sun protection.