Ploce, Croatia - holiday information

Ploce Croatia- visitor information

The town and port is situated below the Adriatic highway, some 120 kilometers south of Split and  100 km northwest of Dubrovnik, 145 kilometers from the Split airport, 120 kilometers from Dubrovnik airport. Ploce is known as the second largest cargo port in Croatia.
In the second half of the 19th  century Austro-Hungarian monarchy mentioned in their plans to build a port in this area. The construction began by the river Neretva mouth and the Ploce cove. The remains can still be seen today. Unfortunately, the plans fell through and the building was stopped. After the “Study on the port of Ploce” was finished in 1937, it was concluded that  the natural port has met all the requirements, and the construction began in 1939. After the end of the First World War, there was an increase in the number of people settling here, which also affected school and other facilities building.
In 1950 the settlement changed name to Kardeljevo, after one of the politicians of the time, while in 1954 it was renamed to Ploce again.  In the mid sixties of the last century, the Adriatic highway was finished, as well as the road to Mostar, which also enabled the release of the Sarajevo-Mostar-Ploce train route, that still exists today. In 1968 with the new municipal reorganization  Ploce was renamed to Kardeljevo, and this name was used until 1990, when along with the establishment of the Republic of Croatia as independent state, Ploce returned its old name. Ploce Parish was formed in 1961, when the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Pastoral Center of the St. Liberan were built. In 1992 Ploce was given a status of a town, and its area comprised of several settlements, of which we will mention Baćina, famous for its seven freshwater springs.
If you decide to spend your vacation in Ploce, you can find accommodation in a hotel or private rooms and apartments. Along with one-day field trips to Makarska Riviera, Peljesac peninsula, Korcula island, Dubrovnik old town, you will most surely enjoy a summer event called “Utrka trupa” (hollow log race) or "Maraton lađa", an amateur sports race competition of ancient traditional ships called “lađa”. You can refresh from the summer heat at the nearby Baćina lakes and in some of the local restaurants be sure to try the delicious traditional delicacies such as frog or eel.