Lozica, Croatia - holiday information

Lozica Dubrovnik, Croatia- visitor information

Lozica is certainly one of the youngest settlements of this Riviera. The construction boom started during the seventies of the last century. It is built above and below the main road, near the place where one of the most monumental bridges in Croatia, was built. Taking the bridge shortens the drive to Dubrovnik. Before the bridge was built, it was necessary to take the road passing through a picturesque cove and a marina for small boats and yachts. Since the bridge has been built the distance between the old town and Lozica shorten to only 6 kilometers and the settlement is considered to be the suburbs of Dubrovnik. There is only 26 kilometers to the airport.
This is a perfect place for couples or larger groups of friends. You can find accommodation in one of the private houses, villas or one of the apartments or rooms. Beaches are mostly stoney with concrete plateaus and are therefore not recommended for families with small children. Along with local bars and restaurants you can also head to Dubrovnik and visit numerous cultural events or experience the night life. If you wish to spend a pleasant evening on the terrace of the place where you are staying, your evening will be spiced up by a beautiful sunset over the Koločep island just across the way. Since the port is nearby, you can also visit islands Korcula and Lopud.