Lopud (Island Lopud), Croatia - holiday information

Lopud Dubrovnik, Croatia- visitor information

Lopud island belongs to the group of 9 islands known as Elaphite Islands. This island is the second largest with an area of 4.63 km². It is located between the islands of Šipan and Koločep, which are along with Lopud the only inhabited islands of Elaphites. There is only one settlement on Loud, bearing the same name- Lopud, situated in a beautiful cove on the west side of the island. There is a path leading from the cove to the opposite side of the island, on the southeast side, to the Šunj beach, which attracts many tourists and is one of the best known here. Lopud island, as well as the settlement, have a very favorable climate and rich Mediterranean vegetation of cypress, pine and palm trees, laurel, olive and lemon trees. In terms of tourism it is the most developed of all the Elaphites. Administratively, the island (as well as other islands of the Elaphites) belongs to Dubrovnik, which is only 5 nautical miles to the west and connected by ferry.  Small number of inhabitants grow olives, grapes and work in tourism. Besides the newly renovated hotel in Lopud, you can find accommodation in one of the private apartments or rooms. This island is recommended for families with children and most surely couples, who wish to enjoy the romantic moments of an unforgettable holiday. In the past, Lopud was more inhabited than today, what can be seen from the written records from the 16th  century,  indicating that there were two monasteries, 30 churches, several palaces and villas. Today there are few remains left. In one of the villas from the 19th century you can see several types of palm trees, bamboo and various types of cacti that were collected throughout the world.